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Expungement Attorney Helping San Bernardino County and Riverside County Residents

Being convicted of any crime in San Bernardino, Riverside, Palm Springs, Indio, Banning, and Blythe has long-lasting effects on your personal and professional life. In some cases, you may be able to lighten the consequences through an expungement. At Cormell Criminal Defense Attorneys, our expungement attorney has helped people throughout San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Imperial County, Orange County, and Los Angeles pursue expungements for more than 20 years. We analyze the facts surrounding your underlying conviction and discuss with you whether you may be a candidate for an expungement. 

Other areas we serve include:

  • Barstow
  • Fontana
  • Joshua Tree
  • Rancho Cucamonga
  • Victorville
  • Corona
  • Murrieta
  • Brawley
  • El Centro
  • Winterhaven
  • Lamont

But how do you know if you are eligible for an expungement? Expungements are available to anyone who was convicted of a crime and sentenced to probation. Usually, if a person is not currently on probation, serving a sentence for any other crime, or charged with any crime, an expungement can be granted. For someone who was convicted of a misdemeanor but did not receive probation, that person may be eligible for an expungement if they can show a year has passed since their conviction. They also may not be currently serving a sentence for a crime, on probation following a conviction, or charged with a crime. The person must also show that he or she fully complied with the terms of the sentence.

In most cases, a person who has served time in a California state prison will not be eligible for expungement, but there are exceptions. Certain crimes, like sex crimes committed against a child, do not qualify for expungement. Once an expungement is granted, the judge sets aside the defendant's guilty or no contest plea or conviction, enter a not guilty plea, and then dismisses the case. Following an expungement, a person can legally answer that they were not convicted of a crime on a job application. There are exceptions, such as an application for a position with the state lottery commission or a position as a peace officer. Additionally, you must disclose your conviction if you apply for any state-issued license.

Explore Your Options with a Knowledgeable Expungement Lawyer

While there are benefits to obtaining an expungement, it is important to understand that it does not seal your criminal record or remove all evidence of the alleged crime. Our expungement lawyer can explain this further, but generally, your criminal record will remain publicly accessible even after your expungement, unless you choose to seal the record.

Criminal convictions can affect a person’s life for years after they serve their time. If convicted of a crime, inquire with Cormell Criminal Defense Attorneys to see whether you may be eligible to obtain an expungement. We want to help you resume your life before your conviction. Our team has the knowledge and experience needed to help you navigate the procedural aspects of seeking an expungement.

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